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Ladies & Gentleman, presenting Crossroads University!

Like most ideas or concepts,Crossroads University started very small. “Wouldn’t it be great to have all of our educational pieces (in-services, whitepapers, etc.) in one place on the internet?” This one small question has now become a place where physicians, nurses, administrators, and others cannot only learn, but can earn Continuing Education (CE) credits about hospice-related topics and virtually anything that interests them.
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What’s V-Day?

I wasn’t alive during the Victory days that ended World War II, but I heard the stories from my Grandparents and certainly have been moved by the old photographs. What the greatest generation gave to us through their bravery, hard work and determination shaped the world for generations to come — and perhaps for all time.
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The Meaning of Green

I was talking to a Nursing Home Administrator from Cleveland last fall, and he said he really appreciated the fact that we wear green. “I can always find your people just by looking around,” he remarked. It’s true: when our patients, their family members, or staff at any location need us, they simply have to look around. While that’s certainly an advantage, that’s not why we wear green.
We turned 25!
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