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Winning The CMA: How Last Year’s Recipients Care More

Since 2010, Crossroads Hospice has recognized 34 outstanding social workers with the Caring More Award. Every year, we are blown away by the nominees’ passion for serving patients and their communities. But only one nominee from a site takes home the top prize. So what does it take to win? To understand how truly incredible a nominee has to be to receive the award, look no further than these standouts from last year.
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It’s Time To Recognize Unsung Heroes

Imagine dedicating your career to some of the most difficult moments in a person’s life. Being the one to guide patients through painful treatments, to explain to family members what it means to deal with a terminal disease, to visit the community and advocate for the underserved. That means making a decision to care more, every day, without expecting a reward.
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National Social Work Month: Recognizing Our Patient Advocates

Each March we recognize National Social Work Month along with the National Association of Social Workers. This year’s theme is “All People Matter,” raising awareness of the profession’s 116-year-old commitment to improving social conditions and quality of life for everyone. Across the globe, social workers are united in the belief that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
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Meet our 2013 Caring More Award Winners

The “Caring More” Award is presented to outstanding social workers who go above and beyond to improve lives through their work with patients and in the community. The award includes a $500 prize to the non-profit of the recipient’s choice, and a breakfast in their honor with invited colleagues, family, friends, and a distinguished panel of judges during National Social Work Month in March.
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Thoughts from a 2012 Caring More Award Winner

I’d like to thank Crossroads Hospice for honoring me with the2012 Caring More Award. Truly, I am humbled to have been nominated, and I’m pleased that Crossroads Hospice recognizes the many various contributions of its social workers men and women who work everyday to address to the ongoing needs of the people we serve. Our clients, patients, and residents confront a unique set of emotional and health-related needs, and there are many dedicated social workers who are just as deserving of this award as I am for their diligence, long hours, and commitment to not only addressing the needs of their clients but also to their own professional development.
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