Partners in compassion.

Adding “positives” at the end of life for patients and families.

The sooner a patient engages with Crossroads, the better their quality of life will be because we help them manage the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects at the end of life. We also help them celebrate life with programs like the Gift of a Day and Life Journal keepsakes. Crossroads will also provide a compassionate, knowledgeable team to support them 24/7: clinical staff, social workers, volunteers, chaplains and more. And they will still have you.

Be a part of the journey.

Some doctors believe hospice means they will lose control over their patients' care. Optimally speaking, it is best for you to remain engaged in the patient’s care while “co-consulting” with our medical director. We can also support you by explaining to your patient that hospice is not giving up. It is a change in the focus of care — moving away from restorative care to a comfort-directed path.

Choose Crossroads Hospice as your end-of-life care partner.
Expect more from us. We do. 

When is the right time to refer a patient to hospice?

There are telltale signs such as when treatment is no longer as effective as it used to be; when quality of life has diminished; or when the patient experiences frequent hospitalization. Generally if you believe your patient has six months or less to live, it is time for hospice.